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welcome, friend

We are still in the process of setting things up, moving things around, and generally dicking around. it's a fun game for us, but it might mean that you can't depend on something that was here yesterday to be here today. sorry about that.

So it's been a year since we set this thing up and we have managed to squirt an ounce of life into this site. A few of us are trying to maintain our blogs regularly, schmitztech.com is running wild, and we're hosting a number of other school related sites. Dreamhost has generously given its us quadruple disk space (now 20gb and increasing by 160mb per week!) and octuple bandwidth (1 TB!). We honestly have no idea what to do with all this space. While we're definitely trying to have some content hosted here, highlyrefined.net will probably never have content on it. We hope you do have fun checking out our blogs and other resources.

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